How to Measure for Fitted Blinds

A question that comes up often is how to professionally measure for fitted blinds. This is very important if you are buying blinds based on your measurements, if you get it wrong you could be left with blinds that don’t fit.

Here is a video that will walk you through the process:

The basic idea is to take three measurements of the recess, height and width. Then you use the smallest of the three measurements. Make sure when you purchase online or from a local company that you give them the true smallest size. You do not need to take anything off of this size as the manufacturers will automatically take the correct amount off for your chosen type of blinds.


What are made-to-measure blinds?

wooden-venetiansA window blind is a type of furnishings that covers your window to prevent sunlight entering your room.

Made to measure is where your windows are measured first, then the window blinds are made to fit each of your windows. Fitted blinds is another way of saying made to measure blinds aka made to fit your windows.

An important note here is: not all windows are the same size. In fact, there is no such thing as a “standard window size”.

Often people believe they have a standard window size, or multiple windows in their home are the same size. Unfortunately that is simply not true. Even with new homes, it’s practically impossible for builders to plaster each window identically.

If blinds are fitted on the outside of the recess, meaning outside of where the wall goes in for your window, then you can use an approximate size. But the only type of blind you would do this on is a Roman blind.

The opposite to made-to-measure blinds is ready made blinds. These are the types of blinds you may find in Wilkinsons or ASDA. They come in set sizes which require being cut down to fit your window and offer little selection.

A problem you may notice is, when you decide to search for window blinds, all of the companies simply advertise that they sell blinds.

You will need to look into the options yourself and check if they are made to measure. Usually you can tell by the options of fabrics and colours, then obviously made to measure blinds will let you choose a size.

For purchasing blinds from local companies, most companies will be providing a made to measure service. The only ones that may not be, are ones which are sold from shops. If a company offers free measuring or home appointments, it is guaranteed they sell made to measure blinds.

Most made to measure blinds that are sold offline, come with a free measuring and fitting service.

There you have it. Made-to-measure blinds, do you have them in your home?

Credits: Harrietts blinds for images and technical descriptions